Podcast: Addiction in “A Very Fine House”


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Cooke at 100 Pedals. This is a nonprofit organization providing educational support and resources for parents and families with loved ones in the throes of addiction. Dave is also author of Behind the Dumpster, a memoir about his journey through his son’s heroin addiction.

Dave and I talked about my book, A Very Fine House, and we had an important conversation about some of the challenges parents face when a child is abusing drugs. Tough decisions need to be made, and self care is critical.

Hope you’ll grab a cup of tea and tune in HERE for the podcast. And don’t forget to check out Dave’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter page. He’s a wealth of information about substance use disorder.



Author: Barbara Stoefen

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  1. I found your talk really helpful. Thank you.

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    • Thank you for your comment. If interested, please sign up to receive notification in your email inbox of all my blog posts. You can do so above by entering your email address below my photo and clicking on “subscribe.”

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  2. I’m listening to your podcast with Dave and you have such insightful information that I know will help parents, Barbara. I especially like your idea of raising the bottom for our kids. I feel as well that parents can have an influence and can make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have just ordered your book and look forward to reading it. Take care.

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    • How nice to hear from you, Cathy. I follow your blog and am so grateful for the expertise you share! Thank you for ordering my book… I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it. Happy regards.

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  3. Wonderful, hopeful, heart-felt interview. Barb, you have been given a gift of being able to communicate your story and provide hope to families going through the darkness. You’ve been given wings.

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